What if…
You could skip the hours spent googling every question you have about buying your first home?

Get in sooner with less cash out of pocket by taking advantage of the grants available?

Avoid the stress of making the wrong decision by being 100% informed?

What if we told you it’s all possible? 

Buying a home is complicated – especially when it’s your first. It’s a maze.

Endless forms. Tiresome nights. Relentless phone calls. And that’s before you even get the keys.

That’s why we’ve harnessed our financial knowledge to deliver the essential resource for first home buyers.

Enter: The all-in-one First Home Buyer online course

No more Googling your home buying question and finding 20 blogs telling you 20 different things.

No more relying on friends and family for questionable advice.

No more stressing about making the right decision!

This is your go-to course for stress-free home ownership: from deposit to move in day. 

So why is it for you?

You want:

To find your way through the home loan maze and emerge with the first home of your dreams, minus the complications. Basically? A quick, easy, stress-free way to home ownership.

Our solution:

An online, self-paced course that gives you all the information you need to know in one place, and takes you through every step so you’ll never miss an important deadline, form or requirement.

Spend time on the things that matter, make the most of what’s available to you and actually enjoy the process!

Channel that excitement, confusion and overwhelm into a course that’ll turn you from stressed saver to cool, calm and collected new home owner!  

Learn everything about the home loan process, start to finish with handy tips and expert secrets along the way, including… 

  • Budgeting 
  • Deposits 
  • Loans 
  • Professionals to hire 
  • How to save 
  • Timing and to do lists 

Ideal for:
  • Soon to be first home buyers already doing their research but feeling swamped by all the information out there
  • People ready to take the next step, invest in their journey as a first-home owner without paying the mega $$$ for a bunch of different professionals
  • Driven self-starters who are determined to get in their first home sooner, easier and more efficiently

What people like you had to say about the course… 

“Before this course, I had absolutely no idea about the process. Now I have a much better understanding” 

“Lays out of the steps in a good fashion, covers a lot of aspects of buying a first home” 

“Covered everything from first thinking about buying to what to do after buying” 

“It was very helpful and it cleared some confusing areas for me around buying a first home” 

“This course broke the home buying process down in a simple way. I love the PDFs. Thankyou.” 

“We really enjoyed doing the course and found it easy to follow along. We also found the downloads really useful. It was great that you could go back and watch parts again if you needed to.” 

After completing this course, you’ll be able to:
  • Understand the first home buying process, start to finish
  • Put a budget in place to save for your deposit faster and easier
  • Take advantage of the government and family support available
  • Understand the loan you need, and how to apply
  • Follow the loan process with a simple step by step guide
  • Create a plan to manage and pay off your loan faster!
  • Save money by doing the research (and implementation) yourself!

  • 6 x downloadable resources, checklists and helpful links to reference throughout your journey
  • 1.5 + hours of on-demand video and quizzes to consolidate your learning
  • Lifetime access (watch, and watch again, yours forever)
  • 30-day money back guarantee

If you’re currently saving for a house, have just started the buying process or simply have a dream to be a home owner one day, this is the course for you!



First Home Buyer

Learn all you need to know to buy your first home